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Logo Genius is a Bellevue based graphic and web design company, providing excellent services in Bellevue, Washington, and all around the world. Logo Genius supports small and medium enterprises to build and improve a unique identity for their business. Logo Genius provides the following services to their valuable customers: Logo Design, Logo Animation, Graphic Design, Flyer Design, Web Design, Web Development, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Genius Basic - $24.99

  • ◦ 3 Modern Logos
  • ◦ 3 Revisions
  • ◦ 3D Mockup
  • ◦ Only JPG & PNG SourceFiles
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Genius Custom Website

  • ◦ Landing Page
  • ◦ 3 Page Websites
  • ◦ 5 Page Websites
  • ◦ Custom Websites
  • ◦ Favicons
  • ◦ 24/7 Genius Maintenance & Hosting
  • ◦ Personalized HTML & CSS
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  • ◦ Marketing
  • ◦ Social Media Management
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Logo Genius provides graphic design services. Logo Genius being an expert logo maker, provides 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction with even their best logo designs. We understand that a logo should be simple, relevant, memorable, timeless and versatile. However, creating your own logo can be a difficult and time-consuming task. You need to create a unique concept that complements your brand. Logo Genius does not only build a custom logo for you; but also provides logo editing services to make your company logo satisfactory and perfect for you. Logo Genius understands that your logo is not just a symbol but has deeper meanings and emotions attached to it. Exhibiting these concepts to the world is a job we are experts in. Logo Genius also understands that animation plays a great role in complimenting the best logo. Logo Genius caters to the clients’ logo animation needs as well. Logo Genius is not only an ordinary logo creator. Apart from designing a logo in proper software, Logo Genius is specialized in platform specific logo creation such as Instagram and Wix. Instagram is a popular photo sharing app where brands can create custom content that is specialized for their brand identity. Logo Genius will create an outstanding Instagram logo and content that outshines your competitors’ brand identity. Furthermore, Logo Genius can also be your Wix logo maker, a site that offers in-built website services, that allows one to make a basic site with a template. It is becoming popular among the novices, who have no idea about building a website and want quick solutions. With Logo Genius, you can choose from several professional logo designs or allow us to create something completely brand new just for you. Even if you have some extraordinary need, we offer a custom quote where you can discuss all your design needs to get whatever you have in your mind. With Logo Genius, you have the benefit to take more designs to the next level at a lower price with our revisions, as we build your brand identity and aesthetics from scratch. Logo Genius also aids your business needs as one of the best poster designers in the Bellevue Metroplex. We make the posters an effective stationary tool to pass the information about your products, services, and even scheduled events. Simplicity, clarity and conciseness are the rules we follow to design your posters. We know the value of personalized designs and we strive to make them as interactive as we can. While creating your marketing strategy, planning advertising campaigns, writing email newsletters and media content, flyers and posters are needed the most. Logo Genius is also distinguished as flyer makers. We create flyer designs to meet the needs of our clients, while inputting relevant material for your business. Online flyer making can be time consuming, however the Logo Genius team is able to solve this problem for you and create the best flyer design possible. As per clients’ demands, Logo Genius has done the task of online flyer making quite well over the years, with our clients’ testimonials serving as proof. For providing excellent design services, Logo Genius has also been known to use one of the industry’s leading interface design tool known by the name Figma. It is a vector graphics editor and prototyping tool which is primarily web-based, with additional offline features enabled by desktop applications for macOS and Windows. It offers industry with robust features which support teams working on every phase of the design process, not to mention Adobe software they use to create the best quality logo for your business. To be successful in the online business world, you need an experienced graphic designer to deal with all your design needs. Design serves as a medium to convey what words cannot describe and we make it easy for our clients by providing suggestions and guidance throughout the process.

Logo Genius also provides exceptional services in website development. No matter if you need a sleek one page website or a complex set of designs to run your ecommerce site, Logo Genius provides modern and professional internet designs for your business. The concept of the word design is to make it create something beautiful not only to the eye, but engaging and meaningful for your presented audience. As a professional web designer, Logo Genius can create a responsive design that structures the look and usage of the website on any device. Our specialties that grant you the best website design and homepage design, are created with the HTML CSS templates to produce the best landing page for you. We offer transparent pricing, effective strategies, and even a custom quote for your unique site for you to make sure that you are treated fairly, but also to ensure that you are getting all the features you need to run your business.

With our digital agency and our constant strive to aim for the best web page ranking for our clients, we also specialize search engine optimization (SEO), and use a variety of keywords using our keyword planners. To ensure our SEO keywords are effective, we focus on your dream customer and what will optimize your site to be presented for them by following the key rules of proper SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not only essential for your rankings on major search engines, but it ensures that the users get all the required information they need.

Logo Genius also specializes in online marketing, digital marketing, and social media management. Over the years, with increasing demands of our customers, Logo Genius has established itself as an exceptional marketing agency. Not only do we engage in personal branding and brand management, but we also serve as a content creator to increase their website search engines ranking, and to create a healthy and presentable platform on their favorite social media handles. Our marketing strategies are centered around your business goals, image, and values while increasing your business opportunities. For Logo Genius, nothing is more inspiring than achieving a lasting result for our clients. Social media is an important tool for your business, as no business can thrive online without a good strategy for social media management in today’s age. However, some are too busy to do this task all by themselves, which is where we come in to solve that problem. Whether it is a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform, Logo Genius knows how to handle each platform to amplify the services you provide for customers by creating and managing the content to reach your audience and tell them your story.

With our services, you can reap maximum rewards by working with the Logo Genius team. We are energetic, determined, and hardworking experts and we listen carefully to the design requirements our customers have. We provide professional guidance to those who want to build a unique brand identity and maintain it for a long time. Our commitment to provide support to customers is unmatched. Logo Genius values the customers who are to be credited in building our brand. With their loyalty, we can invest back into our business to create more opportunities and services for our customers. Logo Genius has years of experience with reviews on who we are as a company. We offer transparent prices and tell exactly what services we offer while making the client feel comfortable while working with us. Logo Genius not only values your support, but also your time, and hard work that was put into to establish your business. Quality is a term we all cherish. If your design cannot project the quality of the brand, it is nothing but useless, and that is something we take very personally. Whether it’s web design or graphic design, we know the elements that attach quality to the design to ensure you reach the people you desire. After working with Logo Genius, you will know about the rewards and benefits of working with us after getting in contact with us. We are available via number, email and directly through our website. So, what are you waiting for? Do you need a logo, a poster, a flyer, or other services of graphic design? Do you need website development for your site? Do you think your website design is not up to the mark or boring for your audience? Let us help! Do you think your message is not advertised and your marketing is not converting people into potential clients? Do you need higher rankings on search engines with the correct keywords? Do you miss having a great content creator for your website? If you have any of these needs, contact us immediately. Even if you do not find your required service here, call us and tell us your requirements. Logo Genius is a Bellevue based graphic and web Design Company. We have an aim to provide exceptional services to our valued clients. Though we are based in Bellevue, our clients are presented all around the world. We are not bound by the time and language differences but instead bound together by the design. We support every type of design related needs of different businesses.


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